Monday, November 30, 2009

Health, Wealth and Insurance

When I think and say Health and Wealth, I do mean it for health and wealth go with one another. Only if one lives then the meaning of wealth exists. Living a healthy life is very important. To stay healthy it is very important to eat healthy, make a habit of regular exercising, drink lots of water, a good night’s sleep, and above all have a healthy mind that releases stress and makes a good day.

A healthy body has a healthy mind.

Then think of wealth.

It is not necessary that the body will always remain fit. There will be times when one falls sick and has to pay for medical expenses. Medical expenses have gone up and it is difficult to pay from ones pocket. To make matters easy there are health insurance covers which pay for the medical bills.

Different insurance companies cover health insurance under different plans. A good and thorough study of the papers can give a clear idea of the plan which fits the requirements of an individual.

It is always better to make a detailed study of the insurance plan before deciding to go for it to get benefit.

To get covered under a health insurance policy, it is money that helps in buying one. Call up agents who can give a good and clear picture, do not rush.

It is always good to find out ways to keep healthy.

Keep healthy and enjoy life.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not Strange…Simply simple

It has been days I wrote. Reason is simple; I’d been away from home. My little space in my home gives me the comfort to write and express my thoughts. I missed my favourite writing place, why writing alone it is the sitting space and my dearest computer that I missed. And above all I switch on the TV and let it do all the “bak bak”, I mean all the talking while I sit and write. Another bit about my TV, it never disturbs me instead gives me the time to look at it when I lose my expression.

This reminds me of those school days when the transistor would be singing the tunes of the songs while I studied. Talking about the transistor do the children of today know about it? No, they know LCD TV’s, Computers, Play Stations, and many things that I, why I it is we, didn’t know about.

Hah! Time has advanced so fast. And now we talk about finding water on the moon. And who knows where our Gen next, next, next, next, and how many next’s to add when they may find place and home on the moon.

No not a thought of fantasy I may say.

Agree or not it’s up to you.

Now I can think about winter and the cold days that I’ll enjoy. Lots of vegetables and fruits and of course I’ll have to add more flowers (flowering plants) in my little garden… all the colours in one place to make me happy.

Watch out for more colours next time, few pictures of course.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Cricket Continued (4)

My Writing Chart (WC) today says, “Write about cricket yaar. The India/Australia one day series has not come to an end. There is still time to write about this game. You had said earlier cricket has been curried. I can top up your curry with another thought, believe me, it is very genuine. I add Worry to your curry...another ingredient that may add flavour to your curry”.

Now I feel my Writing Chart is doing a lot of chatting. So, “Dear WC please elaborate your thought.”

The Worry topping is all about Injury. Did you not find some of the Aussies packing their bags and heading home? Yaar same with our home team, that’s the Effect of too much cricket. Agree or not?”

WC, agreed. Yesterday India lost the game and what a nail biting finish it was. For Sachin Tendulkar it was a lucky day, another record and a big score to his credit. The Aussies are leading the series as of now. Hyderabad was not a lucky venue for India yesterday, let’s hope they do better in the next two games at Guwahati and Mumbai and lift the trophy. Let’s wait for the next match. No more cricket for today.”

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Benefits of Walking

In my previous post when I wrote about cricket, I mentioned about Fitness. For me Fitness means “good physical condition of a human body and of being in good shape”. This is totally my view and I feel remaining physically fit helps to be in a healthy mind too. There are ways of keeping fit and each individual can find his/her way to keep fit.
One of the best ways is going for walks. The parks in city areas have walking tracks and a large number of people-men, women and even youth-can be found everyday walking along the track for fitness. Some go for morning walks and many others have time for evening walks. Elderly people have time for both morning and evening walk.

It is best to go for a walk in comfortable clothes and fine if you wear a pair of sports shoes. It is not the time to show off brands like Nike, Reebok or any other but all that matters is the way you take you walk and the time that has been spent on your fitness programme. Being regular is the secret of fitness. Lazy ones come for a day and then laze in their homes and turn up when their moods beckon them.

Another benefit of going out for a walk is you get lot of fresh air and at the same time find friends among the walkers and sometimes like minded people become very good friends.

Walk also helps to control blood pressure, lose weight and at the same time keep weight within healthy limits, decrease risk of heart attack, helps maintain the cholesterol level and also lowers risk of type 2 diabetes.

If walk is taken for a purpose it should be with a brisk pace for about half an hour everyday. A days rest in a week can do but a regular walker doesn’t like to stay back without reason.

Keep fit with a steady walking routine.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cricket Continued (3)

Yesterday Australia won to level at 2/2. When India won the last match in Delhi, there was much expectation from the people that India would also win the match played in Mohali…expected continuous third win. But the end said it all.

Talking about umpiring errors, there has been and will be. The topic of umpires making errors took the front seat when Tendulkar was given out LBW. After losing the match, Dhoni said Tendukar’s out was one cause of losing. If he would have been bowled out, then what would be the thought? The others in line have to play well to win. There have been times when batsmen coming much lower down the order have helped to win a match.

With too much cricket there has also been concern about the fitness of players. Cricket is the game which brings quick fame and money. Players too want to be selected and play all the matches, and Fitness and Form can only give them a place in the national squad.