Monday, October 26, 2009

Golgappas on a Sunday

The mot interesting part of eating out is you have no trouble to serve others instead get a chance to be served with. With the change in weather at this time of the year, the sweat has dried out and tiredness taken over by energy and vigour, its great going shopping late afternoon.

The market place lures people and gives the call to buy. With money in the pocket, this can be possible. Even not in a mood to buy, there is always place for window shopping. This feature…window shopping…does give pleasure. Buying something of choice and coming out of a shop with packets in hand…a different pleasure.

Having finished with the buying…which of course eats up a lot of time…the day’s enjoyment is complete with some food. And what more if you have something of your own choice… maybe mouth watering golgappas. That may sound interesting for some who relish this.

My Sunday treat was with golgappas. Golgappa can be found in many regions in India, of course, with variations. Call it golgappa or pani puri it is the same. Even phoochka or gupchup is the same, just another way of knowing it…another name. The special water with its tangy taste makes it all the more tasty with the filling. Open your mouth wide open, shove in the golguppa into the mouth and give it a bite. The whole thing breaks down and brings out its very taste that these golgappas are famous for.

This treat was not from a roadside vendor but from a reputed food stall with its own trademark…for the sake of hygiene.

The tangy taste lingered for a long time and I’m waiting for the next time.

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