Monday, October 19, 2009

Diwali with Lights and Crackers

People are busy lighting up their homes for Diwali, the Indian Festival of Light. When India is lighting up, whole world does not want to lose the festive flavour of this country. Even President Obama wanted to get the feel of Diwali. It shows India and Her Festivals is attracting the West towards Her Festivals which have strong flavour, colour, music, mood and an air of oneness. The sound and the festive mood have stretched from Durga Puja and Dussera, to Diwali.

This festive mood stretches across this vast country, from the North to the tip of the South, from the East to the west. The mood melts into every person living in this land who is proud of the Tri Colour…Saffron, White and Green and the Ashok Chakra in the centre which symbolises strength.

People of India love food and Festive Time is the best time to have a bite into the different varieties of food. So many tastes are boiling in different pots in different kitchens in the different parts of this country where language, traditions, dress and living style may differ. But when you ask anyone, you can hear a single tone ringing, “Proud to be an Indian”.

This is India with Unity in Diversity.

As dusk falls earthen lamps filled with oil and cotton wicks dipped in it is lighted up with a flame that brightens up not only the home…also the area surrounding it. There is a choice these days to light up the home. Electric lights come in different colours and set in different designs line up to bring light as they are switched on.

The best part of life at this time is GREETING each other, and sweets and gifts having their own part to play.

After dusk, once the lamps are lit and the Puja is over it is time for the crackers to burst into flames, creating noise that is enjoyed as it is a part of this festival.

Whatever be the message of a Green Environment, Diwali will no doubt resound in the ears with the noise of the bursting crackers…that’s the joy of this festival.

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