Monday, October 26, 2009

Cricket Curried

There has been too much cricket for the Indian cricket players and also for the huge population of this country. With so much of cricket, the game is losing some of its taste…among the lakhs and crores who used to follow this game.

Earlier there used to be few cricket tournaments, and now cricket matches are played throughout the year. Nowadays with 20 over matches there is more cricket to play…less time for a result oriented match. On the other hand people also have less time to spend watching these matches. Some great cricket heroes have failed to get a place in the teams hence their fans have also lost interest in watching the game.

With so many changes coming in this game, it is moreover getting curried. With less cricket and lesser changes in the game cricket will again be followed religiously in India. After all there is so much Wanting in Waiting.

Isn’t it?

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