Thursday, August 6, 2009

When Dal (Lentils) Makes You Think

Why is it that the whole burden of running the home budget falls mostly on the shoulders of women? To be frank, I’ve used the word mostly, in order not to bring about a debate among men vs. women.

The rise in the price of the different kinds of dal has made most families think about preparing and serving dal in the everyday meal. Most Indian households cannot think of a full meal without dal. Be it roti, be it rice, a bowl of dal goes with it. With soaring prices, dal which is thought as a wholesome food even for the poor is just going out of reach of the common man. The strong words about the Aam Adami (by this present ruling government) now lack the luster it created before the general election votes were cast.

Dals have their own nutrition value being rich in protein and a source of inexpensive protein in a vegetarian diet. A cooked meal of dal and rice is known as khichdi, rich in nutritional value and healthy food for the sick also. There has been a cut down on the monthly purchase of dals, as cost of some varieties has touched the near 100 rupee mark, something difficult in a common man’s chart. Said and done - there was a lot of commotion in the parliament on this issue. Here again we have to think, “Are our parliamentarians really concerned about us when they can have their tummy full?”

Dal roti khao, prabhu ke gunn gao” for now, is no longer the merry and light-hearted tuned words of many in this country.

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