Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weak Monsoon Rising Prices

The rising price of essential commodities is one of the major problems this country is facing at present. Before the people could reconcile with the rising price of dals, there came another bolt from the blue. Sugar price rise caused harm to the common man’s pocket before the previous sore could totally heal.

Sugar is one of the main essential commodities in every household. Government comes up speaking about shortage in sugarcane plantation and a weak monsoon, a cause for which the people have to suffer. It is believed, from the account of the Agriculture Minister, to make up the shortage in sugar supply, duty-free white sugar will be imported. Along with it comes the assurance that the price of sugar will remain reasonable.

The coming of the major festivals of this country in a couple of months when sugar will be in demand, it is to be seen how helpful these words of consolation can be?

With very little rainfall this year, this country which depends mostly on a good monsoon for agriculture will no doubt have a tough time ahead. A weak monsoon has hit crops like sugarcane, wheat, paddy and pulses which are the major crops. No doubt this has hit the inflation chart too.

Soaked in the sweat from the heat how can anyone say, “Rain, rain, go away come again…”

Just have to wait and see when the prices have taken a soar will they come down again.

We live with Hope, isn’t it?

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