Friday, August 14, 2009

Health Insurance Pros

The spread of swine flu is on the rise, bringing with it fear and panic in the minds of the people. Out of panic people are queuing up at the government hospitals for screening and treatment of swine flu. With the rising numbers, the government hospitals are finding it difficult to cater to the demands of every individual. Hence government has sent out directives to private hospitals in the different cities to treat swine flu patients. The private hospitals have been asked to set up isolation wards.

In Delhi after the government gave out directives to public hospitals for treatment of swine flu, Apollo one of the leading private hospitals of this country came out saying the hospital could not provide beds for such patients but later on agreed to join the fight against H1N1.

Treatment at the private hospital will be an expensive affair which has to be borne by the concerned individual. To make matters easy for the incurred expenses, health insurance policy can come handy at such a time. The Times of India Pune edition carries the article with headline - "Swine flu-hit can now claim expenses under insurance" -- this will no doubt bring relief to people having a Mediclaim policy. This benefit given by the insurance company should reach the length and breadth of the country.

This good news will raise awareness among the people of this country about the benefits of Health Insurance, which is no doubt a must with rising medical expenses for different illness.

With 4 major public sector general insurance companies and many private players in the general insurance sector, it gives a choice to compare the health insurance policies offered by the general insurers across the country.

After all – Health is Wealth.

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