Monday, June 8, 2009

Simple Summer Tips

When the summer sun beats on us we find out ways to beat the heat. That’s what summer is all about. There are many simple ways to fight the heat of the hot days of summer in India. Summer days no doubt make life miserable, but that’s what season’s are all about. Summer’s soaring mercury brings with it a host of health complains-dry skin, sun burns, rashes, itching and prickly heat along with mental and physical discomfort.

There are simple ways to beat the heat. Look good and keep healthy with some easy-to-follow tips.

Increase fluid intake: During summer there is loss of water from the body due to sweating, so there is a lack of resistance and energy. A regular liquid intake is a must to combat dehydration. Drink lots of water and carry water when going out and even to your work place. Drink plenty of fruit juices, green coconut water and lassi (curd helps to keep the cool in the body). Eat lots of fruits like grapes, water melons-all this to keeps the body cool and regulate the heat.

Eat right food: Avoid non-vegetarian and rich oily food. Freshly cooked vegetarian food is easily digestible and good source of fluid and is also low in calories. Try to stay away from street food. A diet rich in fruits and liquids will keep the body cool.

Avoid caffeine: Avoid tea and coffee breaks as much as possible. Caffeine dehydrates the body, choose caffeine free drinks, decaffeinated tea or coffee and switch on to more water breaks.
Dress Cool: Loose fitting cool cotton outfits, preferably in light colours is best for summer wear. Avoid bulky or heavy accessories.

Make-up: Wear light make-up along with soft shades of lip gloss. The skin needs to breathe and a heavy make-up in summer hampers the process.

Protection: Use a sun screen lotion while going out in the sun to protect from sun burns. Use a hat or umbrella when going out in the sun. Reduce your travels and avoid outings.

Hair care: Not only the skin, the hair needs care during summer. Wash your hair regularly but avoid shampooing everyday as excessive washing makes the hair dry. A short summer crop makes hair care easier, adds style and check split ends. Use hair conditioners as it keeps the hair manageable and prevents the hair from getting dry and brittle.

Keep your cool: This is the important part of life in summer. There is increased irritation and heightened tempers both at home, at the work place and outside. So the body needs to be taken care of with relaxing, indulging in hobbies, proper rest and carry a smile on your face.

Play safe with your summer with simple daily routines so that you can remember summer once the rains come.