Friday, May 1, 2009

IPL Season 2 Fever: What Next?

When this whole cricket thingy Indian Premier League (IPL) started, Indians associated within the cricketing circle felt proud of holding a huge money making tournament in India.

God, god, god that was IPL Season 1.

Fate had a different story to tell. IPL Season 2 did not get a place in the cricket grounds in India and so had to move their grounds and land up on the beautiful shores of South Africa.

The story begins here as far as I am concerned. IPL, the full form will read, INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE. Eight teams play against each other. All the teams have Indian names and Indian owners. Most of the players are Indians while there are well known players from other cricketing nations as part of one team or another.

If I’m to speak a little more on IPL, all that I can say it is all about the big B’s involved in it. Players getting a place in the team through BIDDING. If I’m not wrong, there is a huge market for BETTING in the game of cricket. And the whole game rests on BATTING and BOWLING for loss or win.

Baap re baap, players bought by the team management at such huge prices. Are they worth the price? Once the tournament is over, financial mathematics of each team will let the bosses know their profit and loss.

IPL (Indian Premier League) got the shunt out of this country because of IPL (Indian Political League), more specifically the General elections. Just imagine the fate of the players…they cannot cast their votes.

I cam see cricket sliding with time. The Test Matches are outnumbered by the One Dayers. Soon One Dayers will lose their place to Twenty Over matches.

And who knows one day India’s Gali Cricket will be the most watched cricket matches from the balconies of the houses at the high cost of the Gali Pitches.
Who knows…?

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