Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Strange but True

Dogs and cats are common pets in many houses in our country. Simply can’t leave behind the caged speaking parrot in some families. There are so many stray dogs and cats, and, cows and bulls roaming the streets of this vast country.

Recently in our posh South Delhi colony a stray dog gave birth to four puppies. The chubby puppies were the darlings of the people and the mother and the babies were fed by the residents of the colony. After a couple of days the white chubby puppy was missing. It was believed that someone had taken the baby dog. Soon it’ll be the pet dog of some household.

Today’s newspaper headlines read “Obama’s Portie is Delhi’s new hot dog”. This being the thought of the day makes me write about pet dogs. The report says it has inspired many Delhiites who are looking for a bred of Portuguese Water Dog as their first choice for a pet.

Bo, the Portuguese Water Dog is the First Dog of the First Family of the USA. Reading this article has increased my interest and made me do a little bit of research on this species. The information reveals that the Portuguese Water Dog, colloquially known as Portie or PWD is also known as Portuguese Fishing Dog which helped the Portuguese fishermen in their fishing. This is a rather rare breed.

Pet shop owners in Delhi have started to deal with enquiries from pet lovers who want more information and some interested to get one of its kinds as a pet at home. Including the import duty the dog on delivery could cost up to 1 lakh rupees.

Some people keep dogs for breeding purpose and make an earning. Let’s see how many of the Portuguese Water Dogs slip into Delhi homes. That’s for the future.
Note for the present: Given a choice I can tell, all dogs are faithful to their masters be it the costliest breed or the stray one.

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