Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Polity Game

There had been so much excitement in my life when I cast my vote for the first time. Those were the days of the ballot papers. After putting the seal against the selected candidates name the ballot paper was folded and put into ballot boxes. Soon changes arrived and the electronic voting gadget made its appearance. It is now just a click of the button and voting is over.

Politics in the present scenario is more of a game (to win) than serious thinking. The highlight of this game is the different cards each player wants to play to win.

But what is it the people of this country want. Simple basic things like…
• Clean drinking water
• Basic sanitation
• Electricity
• Security and safety
• Employment
• Good roads
• Clean environment
• Quality and affordable health care
• Education
• Food
• Affordable houses

But who cares even if vote bank politics is dividing India on the lines of:

• Religion
• Caste
• Creed

Time is ripe to stop mud slinging and attacking one another verbally. Better to think of an India which can make each and every Indian proud. It is time to stand up and fight against the greatest threat “Terrorism” and look forward for a Better and Peaceful India in days to come.

Don’t miss your right to vote. Isn’t it?

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