Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Women's Day

The eighth day of March brings with it the importance of the existence of Woman on this earth. Every nook and corner in this universe says and reads, “Happy Women's Day”. Why do we have to take out a day to celebrate something special for a woman?

For me each and everyday is special in the life of a woman.

A woman carries the burden of multi tasks on her shoulders…that’s the progress she has made. At the end of the day she stands with all the concerns of being a daughter, a wife, a mother and the vocation of a whole-time or part-time job or even that of a homemaker. Each and every role she plays she tries to specialise in it. The house looked after, food placed on the table at the right time, shopping at the green grocer and the monthly grocery stored, the household economy updated with the daily and monthly expenditures, and above all get some liberation hiring the domestic help who can bring some relief and comfort in her life.

In this whole process of progress of the family well-being and career, she lands up with little time for herself, ignoring her health. By the time her responsibilities get cut down with the children getting more independent she is left with common perennial health problems like: backaches, joint pains, sleep disorder, acidity and above all the stress and strain that she has acquired through all these years.

A career woman tries her best to rise to heights, even a simple housewife has her dreams and wishes that at times are fulfilled for some and become embers for those who could not pursue them.

Woman with careers can break their day into different activities. For those who don’t have a full-time career the best thing is to pursue the hobby. It can be gardening and your flower’s can win the best prize at the Flower Show of your town. You can land up with your novel or short stories getting published and gaining acclaim. Can become a Social Worker working for the poor, the stray animals, for a green environment, or become a part of an NGO working for the cause of a better world. Looking beyond there is so much to do apart from the everday monotony of daily life.

Society and the world needs Woman don’t forget that!

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