Saturday, March 28, 2009

Small Car Big Dreams

It will be a wrong denial from me to say I don’t want to be the owner of a Nano. Now I feel I will see it run the roads before I take my final decision. At last the much awaited Nano was commercially launched in Mumbai on Monday March 23. For the first time in January 2008 when the Tatas announced to bring out the cheapest car in the world, so many people started dreaming of owing a car of their own as this would cost only one lakh rupees. Expectations had been mounting in the hearts of the people for their Lakh Takia Car.

It took more time than expected for this small car to hit the market. Its arrival was delayed because of the dispute over the land issue and shifting of the plant from one state to another. But after all within months the wheels of the little Nano will run the streets of this country…maybe in July.

The other day my neighbourhood tailor said, “Madam, I had bought a second hand scooter three years back. I dreamt of riding a car and I think I can afford to buy a car. My wife feels frightened to sit on the bike with two kids in the congested Delhi roads. Madam, how long will I have to wait if I book my Nano now?” How could I give a prompt reply when everything rested on the production and allotment from the dealers? All that I could tell him was to speak to the dealer.

There are millions of people in this country who ride two wheelers. If wishes can always be true then the dreams of many of these two wheeler riders will be fulfilled. Being cheap it is affordable. Along with it this car will give the owners a safe ride. Small families of Papa, Mama and two children had trouble moving on two wheels and now a small family can feel safe in a car of their own.

Though many are happy for the small car, there arise many questions that remain to be answered.

Nano will no doubt be another car added to the number of the existing cars in many families in Delhi. Auto rickshaw owners are thinking of plying this small car on the streets in place of auto rickshaws as they feel running on four wheels is safer than three wheels. No doubt this can lead to more road congestion. Another thought that creeps into the mind is about the material used for the body and the amount of safety it can give. No doubt many two wheelers will go off road and many more four wheels will move on the roads…there is risk of increasing pollution.

But along with the negative points there are positive points too. Being a small car it can be parked in small spaces…less parking constraints. It is said to be fuel efficient. No doubt it will provide better safety and security to its riders than two wheelers. The dreams of many will come true.

At last many thousands and millions can now say Nano is no longer a dream. After all this Small is Beautiful.

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