Friday, March 20, 2009

Should the Government Consider Raising the Entry and Retirement Age Limits in Jobs (Government & Public Sector)

Try a Turnabout

Whether you understand the economics of the present world scenario or not, you can hear about the Recession and Economy Slow Down making rounds in each and every part of the globe. This recession period jumped on this world that is trying its best to make developments in every sphere, Advancement being the buzzword. No one thought that the meltdown would come and cause a spill of grave concern.

The main area hit by this recession is the job world. The print and electronic media and research shows huge cut down in jobs, affected people are left with tantrums, trauma, to fill up their lives with.

The scenario in India seems to be a bit better. Private company workers are a worried lot while the people in the Government and Public Sectors are happy to play safe in their Sarkari Jobs.

The recent placements in the premiere B Schools—the IIMs show that the public sector banks have hired quite a number of them. Some pass outs are preferring government jobs, compromising with a smaller pay packet than they would have expected if the recession had not hit the world economy.

With elections round the corner, the present care-taker government can do little. Once the elections are over, whosoever comes to power has to chalk out better plans for a Better Tomorrow.

It is high time the next government gives it a thought to increase the entry age into public sector and government organisations to 36 years and at the same time raise the age limit for retirement in these sectors by two years, i.e. up to 62 years. This will be a great relief to some young people who have lost their jobs in the recession, being a part of the private sector and can try for secured government jobs and also in the public sector. As for those who will retire at 60, can work for another two years, their experience will be the guiding factor for fresh recruits.

All said and done, nothing is EASY but there is always the word POSSIBLE.

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