Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Sunday Thought

Today is Sunday. I want to relax. The cold winds are dying out and the chill in the morning air has reduced. This is the best time; I want to call it “Spring Time”. Still the flowers in the gardens are blooming with their multicolor spraying the stretch where they sway in the breeze and catch the eyes. But there is no “Spring Time” in India. The winter fades suddenly and the touch of the breeze on the skin let’s me know that Summer is round the corner.

Selfish that I am, “Season’s Delight” suits me as per my mood. If it’s Winter, I want the cold to be moderate, if it’s Summer, I want the heat to be soft on me and if it’s Monsoon, I want it to rain as and when I want. If Season’s become my slave, will Nature ever be at its best?
I know it; still at times I want to offend the cycle of Nature with my boring thought, that’s what Nature would have stamped my thought as.
Anyway, freedom of thought is every individual’s right.
That’s what I’m doing with my thoughts now. Giving them a chance to play with words and group them into something sensible for reading.

I have a lot of work and ideas in hand which I want to finish. For that I need a lot of time and dedication. But once (if) my projects are complete I’ll be the happiest person.

A small iota to begin with.

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