Monday, August 13, 2018

Life and Days

The count of life
Sails with the days,
But every day
Tick tocks with the minutes hand,
And, seconds hand comes to help,
To tell one and all
There is the Clock who tells,
The story of every moment of Life.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

India, Indians and Summer Time

India, Indians and Summer...all have something to say.

India -- The country that is famous for its "Unity in Diversity".

Does India have 3 or 4 seasons.

My mind says 3. Summer, hot and sweaty. Monsoon or the Rainy season, when rain comes down and cools the earth that was heated by the Summer. Winter, everyone likes as it keeps the sweat away. Blossoms of many colours are seen and then picnic and outings feature in the life of the people.

Indians -- Indians love their food, their dressing sense,and of course the different languages. Move out from one state boundary, sure to meet people speaking a different language from another state. Food habits differ and of course some cultural difference. But, Indians like to live in this diversity.

Summer -- Ufh!!! the summer has stepped in. Now its time for cotton clothes. Cotton clothes are so soothing to the body.

Temperatures will start rising but people in India wait for this season for the Mangoes. Eat it raw or ripe, doesn't matter.Pickle it or drink ripe mango juice. Soothes the body and the palate. Food habits change, less spicy and something cold. Ice-creams and soft drinks fill up space in the stomach.

How can you hate Summer in India when the Mangoes come.

Silly but true. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!