Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Smiling Sun

"Have you seen the smiling sun", the child asked his mother.

"No. But where did you find the smile on sun's face", asked the mother enquiringly.

"I have got it just near me" was the smiling child's reply.

The mother looked in astonishment at the child's face. "You have got the sun near you.

But how?" was the enquiry.

"Don't worry, come close and peep into my drawing book. You will find the smiling sun

here", said the child as he laughed away.

The mother thought for a while and then it came to her mind, how innocent a child's

thought can be. If only we elders could have such purity in our hearts then that would

make a whole lot of difference to us and to this world.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Bangla Chora হাট্টিমাটিমটিম

This Bengali Chora is very popular with Bengali kids and children. No particular time to repeat the rhyme, and no perfect meaning for it.
Can we justify in saying 'is this chora full of meaning or nonsense?'
Not the time to ponder over this but let kids learn it and enjoy the simple chora as they repeat it time and again.

Bangla Chora for those who can read Bengali script:

হাট্টিমা টিম টিম